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Model Global Visas Consultancy is established with a motive to inspire and promote the young generation to chase their world standard education dreams. Students wanting to pursue their education in Australia, Canada, UK, USA, Czech Republic and other countries are guided and counselled by our professional and experienced counsellor who have studied and lived in the above countries.
Every individual has a definite creativity and imagination within themselves, understanding and valuing every single one’s potential and vision, we create a right and distinct opportunity to flourish.

Our Services

We are dedicated to arrange qualitative and skill-based education to all students.

We coordinate with international colleges and universities to pursue higher education for our students.

We are Australian and Nepalese owned educational consultancy organization permanently based in Kathmandu and Sydney.

We are making our sincere efforts to accomplish our vision to provide qualitative as well as low
cost education to our students.

We are not confined to arrange only in educational consultancy but even more...


Immigration tracker websites have grown in popularity recently and a new one is Australia Visa Timelines. The website allows you to enter your key migration dates and compare and contrast them with other users, allowing you to gauge when your visa may be granted.


We also recommend https://www.pomsinoz.com as a great free Australia migration resource. The forum has thousands of members, including many migration agents who post providing help and support to people emigrating to Australia.

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